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Strap recommendations please!

Discussion area for watch straps, boxes, winders and other accessories.
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Re: Strap recommendations please!


Post by TheJohnP » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:41 pm

BruceR wrote:
Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:38 pm
I've pretty much given up on this watch but it was a gift from someone that will know if I unload it, so I'm trying to make it work. My wrist is close to 7". The Hamilton Regulator is 42mm, 22mm lug, 15mm thick. Not sure about lug to lug but it's >50mm. I have a few 42 mm watches that look good on my wrist, e.g., Eterna Granges and Ball Mad Cow, but those are fairly curved whereas this Hammy sits pretty flat. For 42mm, the Hamilton wears significant larger. Looks OK in the stock photo nut looks like **** on my wrist.

I've tried various various brown and black leather bands. I even tried a two-toned stainless band, and I hate those. Right now I think it looks best on a black leather NATO but that's not good enough.


I'm waiting on an order, so I can't speak to their quality just yet.
But there is a strap company out of Poland called Pattini.

Good luck using their English button, I had to do all my transaction through Google Translate.

Anyway, looking through their discount section, found three I would recommend to see if you like the looks.

More conservative choice is this one:

Image ... mod.74/550

Price comes to about $19.41 with currency exchange.

Or this one, I'm thinking the holes in the strap would mirror the regulator subdials:

Image ... K-PINS/503

Price on that one comes to about $22

Finally, just to really mix things up.
How about a pop of color?

Image ... mod.65/509

Also about $19.41

If none of those do it for you, you can get something custom with leather color, stitching, buckles, etc.
Not very pricey if you go that route.
But expect to be a little confused by the Google Translate, at least that was a bit of a hurdle for me.
I've got more Converse sneakers than watches, but it is a close race.
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