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NATO/Zulu or sailcloth strap for bronze watch

Discussion area for watch straps, boxes, winders and other accessories.
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NATO/Zulu or sailcloth strap for bronze watch


Post by norsairius » Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:51 pm

The Zelos Mako V2 bronze was too cool for me to pass up and I have one coming soon, so I'm looking at some straps to put on it, but I'm having trouble finding some! It comes on a black tropic-style strap though and with an extra horween leather strap as well.

I picked up the Mako bronze w/cobalt dial and I'm hoping to find at least:
  • A navy NATO or Zulu strap with bronze/brass hardware
  • A navy blue sailcloth strap
The NATO/Zulu strap are where I'm having the most trouble. I otherwise found the navy blue sailcloth strap at, but their website looks a bit messed up when I pull it up on my computer so it seems a bit sketchy to me...

I checked my usual spots (Crown and Buckle, Watch Gecko, Cheapest Nato Straps, StrapsCo, etc.), but does anyone have any other sources they go to that might have straps like these?

I'm open to suggestions for other strap colors that would go well with the watch too. I'm otherwise thinking a black NATO/Zulu strap is always a safe bet too and finding those with bronze/brass or at least bronze-colored hardware is pretty easy.

Worn&Wound review with some "in the metal" pictures, but not of the cobalt blue model: ... nze-diver/
Watch link here: ... 7620021337 (the blue is apparently darker in person)
[img] ... 1547834139[/img]
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Re: NATO/Zulu or sailcloth strap for bronze watch


Post by Boourns » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:12 pm

Clockwork Synergy has some NATOs with bronze hardware. You can also get bronze on Erika's Originals.

BTW I had a bronze mako a while back and ended up just taking the buckle off the stock strap and putting it on whatever aftermarket strap I wanted. It's pretty easy and also ensures the buckle and the watch patina at the same rate.

It's a great watch. You'll love it.
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Re: NATO/Zulu or sailcloth strap for bronze watch


Post by TheJohnP » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:26 pm

I haven't ordered from them or really familiar with this site, but NATO Strap Co has bronze hardware straps ... aps/bronze

They also highlight that you can get 12% off your first order with code NSC12

Maybe something there you like?
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