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Your first watch?

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Your first watch?


Post by crushinglaw » Sat Jun 26, 2021 9:40 pm

Apologies if this was an existing topic. Search didn't turn up anything when I tried.

Simple premise: what started the whole watch collecting hobby for you? Was it a department store special? A Christmas gift? An heirloom? I'm sure there are many stories to tell, some interesting, others not as much, but all worth hearing in my view. And where does it stand in your collection now? Or has it gone to greener pastures?

I like accessories and jewelry but 90% of them look gaudy or out of place on men. About two years ago I realized that the only accessory men can wear in pretty much all occasions and styles is the wristwatch. So, naturally, I went to Amazon and, without much thought, bought one of the first watches I saw with thousands of reviews: this rather unassuming Timex Weekender.

(pictured on an aftermarket NATO strap-- originally came with a cheap black NATO)

It was only after about a year of dailying that Weekender that I realized that I couldn't be seen dead wearing it to anything even slightly serious, and did some more research on watches as a whole while looking for a dressier watch. So I suppose this first watch only got me into watches because I felt like I needed to do better :lol:
It's not a very exciting watch nor is there an exciting story about it, but there's only one first watch in anyone's collection. Despite that, this Weekender unfortunately doesn't get any wrist time anymore... I've got too many others worth wearing now and it doesn't help that I basically only wear a GShock at work. The Weekender just doesn't bring enough interesting features or aesthetic to the table. After all, it is just a $30 watch. And though it is a good watch at the $30 price point, there's no surprise it has a hard time competing with pieces that cost orders of magnitude more!

But enough about me. Most people here have more interesting collections than me. I want to see what kicked them off!
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